Magic: Performing, Lecturing, Innovating

Trailer for Tyler’s extensive hour-long magic tutorial on the most visual, yet practical, methods for performing moving ink effects in real-life situations. Available everywhere magic is sold.

Tyler is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, lecturer, and magician. He has been appearing on-stage performing magic and mentalism since 1998. The science of perception and cognition are intricately woven into his shows, lectures, and seminars. 

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25 Performances at The Vault

In 2010, he completed more than 25 shows at "The Vault" in Salem, MA which were wildly successful, after which the audience would regularly carry him out on their shoulders shouting things like, "Do you do children's parties?" to which Tyler would simply say, "Never again. That was a dark time of my life".  

He also curated showings of local artist's work for every one of these shows and provided cheese, crackers, champagne, and coffee free of charge to all the guests. It was amazing. You should have been there. Really. It was quite good. Maybe next time. 


Here are just some of the wonderful organizations that have hosted Mr. Twombly:

25 performances at The Vault of Salem, MA
The Cabot Market Letter, MA
Pan Communications Inc., MA
50 performances at North Shore Medical Center, MA
Special Guest Lecturer on Deception at The University of Oregon, Department of Comparative Literature, OR
Urban Elements Home Furnishings, MA
The Williams River House Bed and Breakfast, VT