I Love Tiny Dogs

So here's something about me: I love tiny dogs. I can't give you are real good reason why tiny dogs make my heart go pitter patter, but they do. This frog is 1 of about 100 sketches I did over a year ago in a fairly short period of inspiration and it set the tone for what the frogs were to become for me. I think of these 100 sketches kind of like someone might think of the first 150 Pokemon or something. Full disclosure, some of the earlier drawings are kind of crude and crass, but I'd like to post them in the coming days along with new comics because I like them.

Slaying Success GIF

I'm currently expanding the scope of the Frogs and have been searching for the correct medium. Animated GIFs have come up from time to time as a serious thought. I like GIFs. They are simple to enjoy and quick. No play button, no sound, but they can have an impact if done well. I love the GIFs people make on the internet and I wanted to make some too. Enjoy this one called, "Slaying Success."
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A Thing About Frogs...

Now here's a thing, some people don't think they look like frogs, but instead think they look like clams or something. I can see that I suppose, but I'm telling you now that they're Frogs and have been Frogs (in my mind!) since the beginning. And to be precise, the beginning for the frogs was in 2009. I started drawing them in college but I've been drawing a long time before that. For example, when I was 11 years old I did this really cool drawing of this blue Moon-Face man. It was great because it was then that I discovered creating characters and drawing them was fun. Then I went to art school, studied music and forgot everything I ever knew about art and started drawing these ridiculous frogs. You see, I had been observing my college community and decided that we were all pretty much crazy, horny animals and, based on how some of us acted on the weekends, we were lucky to be alive. I remember being struck by how resilient we all were at that place between teenage and twenty-something. We would just bounce back from wild nights of relentless abuse to our bodies. So in summation, the frogs began, at least, as a representation of crazy and horny, yet somehow innocent kids. 

Since then though, the frogs have come to embody a broader character than just "throwing-up college kids." To me, the frogs represent a particularly raw set of human traits--they do things, feel things and think about things, but in a very in-the-moment way. Hopefully this way of thinking is relatable. However, the frogs aren't finished growing. They have a life to live and the joy for me has been letting them develop over time.

The frogs can live on T-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Post Cards, Magazines, and on this blog. If you find a frog you would like to take home to the family, send me an email by clicking the mail button to the left. Tell me what you want and I'll make it happen. I'm pretty grass-roots at the moment, but I am very clever.

I'm not sure why his head turns into a literal fish when he throws up.

How I Drew The Draw Frog Banner

I started with some soft brown paper for my base and some black paper which I knew I was going to use as a mat and border. I then sketched a border, the lettering and the frog with pencil.

My hand holing a pencil I own. (pretending to sketch)

I did a few tests with some of these markers and I decided the darker warm grey looked best for the letters and the lighter warm grey looked best for the frog.

I like the watercolor feel of the grey markers. They are Faber-Castell big brush markers.

Frog before he had dried completely.

And there it is. By Tyler Twombly. The End.

I've Recently Discovered Self-Love

How can you expect someone else to love you if you don't first love yourself? I mean, take your clothes off and take a good long look in the mirror. Check yourself out and say, "yeah, I love you so much." After that, you can go about your business.