Fictional New York Times Best Sellers

My approach to art is very non-competitive and pretty humble. In whatever I do, I try to make what feels right for me at the moment. Often times what feels right ends up being somewhat crude or crass, but that's enjoyable for me. I make things I think are funny, touching or both.

With the Fictional New York Times Bestseller series, I wanted to describe character only by describing something related to the character. For example, I like browsing book stores and while I'm browsing I enjoy reading the names of all the authors I don't know and making up an image of what they might be like. You probably have done that yourself at one time or another.While working on this series, I have enjoyed depicting character through creating a detailed object which that character may have produced.
George is my playwright-turned-author. He tends to write in a mysterious way about mysterious things. His book titles are generally open-ended.
Gail Coxard is our Relationship Guru author who takes female dominance to a different place. She is a feminist icon.