Sometimes our lives lead us to places that aren't very enjoyable and other times its pure bliss. For those moments when you're feeling down, just know it's okay to shed a tear. It's probably not your last, so be grateful for that at least. I really do feel pain makes you remember you are alive and at the center of a good laugh is likely a grain of sadness. That happiness, that joy is a pearl.

Hug your teddy and squeeze your loved ones today.

I Love Tiny Dogs

So here's something about me: I love tiny dogs. I can't give you are real good reason why tiny dogs make my heart go pitter patter, but they do. This frog is 1 of about 100 sketches I did over a year ago in a fairly short period of inspiration and it set the tone for what the frogs were to become for me. I think of these 100 sketches kind of like someone might think of the first 150 Pokemon or something. Full disclosure, some of the earlier drawings are kind of crude and crass, but I'd like to post them in the coming days along with new comics because I like them.

Slaying Success GIF

I'm currently expanding the scope of the Frogs and have been searching for the correct medium. Animated GIFs have come up from time to time as a serious thought. I like GIFs. They are simple to enjoy and quick. No play button, no sound, but they can have an impact if done well. I love the GIFs people make on the internet and I wanted to make some too. Enjoy this one called, "Slaying Success."
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