Left-Over Orgasms

Hey, you know "left-over" implies bad things for lots of people. My advice is to change that outlook. If you are poor like me, you can't waste food because food is expensive and you will most certainly die if you don't eat. Here's just one of my on-the-spot creations using a bit of everything I could find in my fridge. I had a little bit of a lot of things and together they make a lot of one thing which I ate and enjoyed. I also had like two potatoes in the house so I put those in the oven with some salt and pepper and freeze-dried basil.

Basically I had a few different pasta products, some broccoli, some chicken sausage, some tofu and some cheese. Throw it together and put some fire under it. Needs salt? Add it! Too dry? Add some water or other liquid. I mean, cooking doesn't need to be fancy or hard or frustrating and you sure as hell don't need a freakin' recipe as long as you kind of get what's going on in there. The best advice for "free-balling" in the kitchen is to taste it all the time and kerf adding shit till it tastes good. That's it.

That's my thing for today. Oh and by the way, I realize that there has been a whole lot of meat used on this blog so far. Let it be known that I'm just going through a little phase and I'll get back to more tofu and veggies soon. But until then, I've got a stockpile to work through!