Chicken Sliders

I improvise in the kitchen. I am a man with no plan. These chicken burgers are lean and delicious.

Since ground chicken is so lean, you need to beef it up...well, you get the idea. I just add all kinds of shit. I added an egg, Parmesan, smart balance oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, freeze-dried basil and probably a bunch of other stuff.

I toasted the bread (sourdough) and got my burgers perfectly browned. This is all timing and has nothing to do with recipes and ingredients and everything to do with observation. Keep an eye on your work and make it perfect...well just don't burn it like an asshole.

Tyler Twombly

That rusty stuff is taco seasoning. There is also a bullion product called Better Than Bullion in there too. It is a vegetable based paste that adds a lot of flavor.