Left-Over Orgasms

Hey, you know "left-over" implies bad things for lots of people. My advice is to change that outlook. If you are poor like me, you can't waste food because food is expensive and you will most certainly die if you don't eat. Here's just one of my on-the-spot creations using a bit of everything I could find in my fridge. I had a little bit of a lot of things and together they make a lot of one thing which I ate and enjoyed. I also had like two potatoes in the house so I put those in the oven with some salt and pepper and freeze-dried basil.

Basically I had a few different pasta products, some broccoli, some chicken sausage, some tofu and some cheese. Throw it together and put some fire under it. Needs salt? Add it! Too dry? Add some water or other liquid. I mean, cooking doesn't need to be fancy or hard or frustrating and you sure as hell don't need a freakin' recipe as long as you kind of get what's going on in there. The best advice for "free-balling" in the kitchen is to taste it all the time and kerf adding shit till it tastes good. That's it.

That's my thing for today. Oh and by the way, I realize that there has been a whole lot of meat used on this blog so far. Let it be known that I'm just going through a little phase and I'll get back to more tofu and veggies soon. But until then, I've got a stockpile to work through!


Chicken n' Grapes!

Tonight I was like, "I'm gonna make a shit-load of chicken for myself," and so, I did. I bought two packages of chicken breasts, cut them in half separating the thick end from the thin one and then sliced the thick end in half so all the pieces were even in thickness. I put it all in a bowl and added freeze-dried basil, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper ( love that shit because it's so lemon-y), taco seasoning, smart balance cooking oil, and paprika. I mixed that all up and grilled it. Of course you gotta deglaze with white wine and butter.

When it was all done, I just put it in a bowl with fresh lettuce and seedless purple grapes. It's good to have extra grapes.


Yummy Mini Chicken and Ham Sandwiches

French roll
Sliced Chicken
Sliced honey ham
New York Sharp cheddar
Kalamata Olives
Cream Cheese (well, it wasn't cream cheese but a spreadable and less tart white cheese. Very good. Forgot what it's called)

These were pretty good because they satisfied my craving for bread and butter and olives and sharp cheddar all at the same time while supplying me with protein. They also fit really well in an empty Talenti chocolate Gelato container for easy and cute storage.

Eat good,

Chicken Sliders

I improvise in the kitchen. I am a man with no plan. These chicken burgers are lean and delicious.

Since ground chicken is so lean, you need to beef it up...well, you get the idea. I just add all kinds of shit. I added an egg, Parmesan, smart balance oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, freeze-dried basil and probably a bunch of other stuff.

I toasted the bread (sourdough) and got my burgers perfectly browned. This is all timing and has nothing to do with recipes and ingredients and everything to do with observation. Keep an eye on your work and make it perfect...well just don't burn it like an asshole.

Tyler Twombly

That rusty stuff is taco seasoning. There is also a bullion product called Better Than Bullion in there too. It is a vegetable based paste that adds a lot of flavor.