B.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Music and Drama, 2009
Bennington College, Bennington VT

Performance Art

"An Evening of Magictook place in Salem MA and spanned 26 performances. The show consisted of myself performing feats of close-up and mental magic, an assistant and, on occasion, a live band. In addition, I curated a display of art by local artists at the performance venue. I have also performed hundreds of independent magic shows in multiple locations throughout the world since 1998.

"Picking Up Signals" took place at Bennington college and consisted of a live performance in strict synchrony with a recorded piece of electronic music.  It tells the story of a bass player outfitted with aluminum foil hat acting as an antenna trying to pick up sounds and radio signals on his bass amplifier. As he achieves and loses reception, the sound of his bass begins to be altered. As the piece evolves, the audience finds it increasingly difficult to detect where sounds of the live bass playing ends and the recording begins. The movements on stage and the changes in the piece happen seemingly as a result of the other creating a visual and auditory illusion. Below is the electronic portion of the performance with the bass part added in.

Theater and Film

Cry Innocent                     Multiple Roles               30 Performances in Salem, MA
The Figaro Project            Figaro                            Bennington College
Wall of Water                    Dr. Gig Hollis/God          Bennington College
Puppy Meat  (Film)             Delivery Truck Driver    Bennington College


My most recent video project, The Sandwich is a work of "auditory fiction" where nothing is as it seems. The video project makes use of onehundred percent post-production sound, all sounds in the video having been created from scratch. The video is a commentary on the way food and eating is portrayed in modern culture especially on television. Our simultaneous obsession with and detachment from food is the subject of "The Sandwich."

Teaching Work

Assistant School-Age Teacher/ Lead Music Teacher

Vivian Olum Child Development Center, University of Oregon – Eugene, OR

•    Supervising and engaging up to 30 children, ages 5-10 years
•    Providing support for the Head Teacher and Director
•    Planning and implementing curriculum
•    Assisting children that require special accommodations, such as food allergies
•    Food handling and preparation
•    Transporting students via bus and van
•    Communicating verbally and in writing
•    Scheduling meetings with parents of children, and coworkers
•    Attending meetings/taking minutes
•    Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and demographics
•    Communicating with parents of children, including UO faculty and staff
•    Teaching music in all classrooms from age 1 month to 11 years
•    Successfully put on a production of the Wizard of Oz, starring children for an audience of parents
•    General clerical duties/organization of teacher materials.
•    Supervision of student staff and substitute teacher

Summer Program Coordinator and Head After-school               Teacher

New Dream Childcare Center – Eugene, OR

•    Creating and implementing an engaging curriculum for approx. 16 children, ages 5-11years
•    Transporting students via bus and van
•    Communicating with parents on a daily basis
•    Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and demographics
•    Supervising one assistant teacher
•    Providing a clean and safe learning environment
•    Planning summer and afterschool activities and field trips by communicating with local business owners and community members
•    Promoting New Dream Childcare Center

LEGO Engineer/Instructor 

Play-Well Teknologies – Northshore, MA and Lane County, OR

•    Teaching science and engineering using the LEGO toy system to children ages 4-12 years
•    Traveling to multiple schools for weekly after-school and week-long summer enrichment programs
•    Maintaining spreadsheets to track inventory of thousands of LEGO pieces 
•    Developing and following a curriculum
•    Providing a clean and safe learning environment
•    Promoting Play-Well Teknologies to parents, schools, teachers, and administrators
•    Scheduling recurring weekly classes and finding proper location
•    Set up/breakdown of materials and classrooms
•    Supervision and training of Assistant teacher
•    Communicating with parents daily
•    Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and demographics

Volunteer Teacher

Seeds of Hope - Huaraz, Peru

•    Taught arithmetic and language skills to underprivileged children
•    Helped children dress, bathe and brush their teeth
•    Planned lessons and fun, educational activities for children
•    Provided support to fellow volunteers and supervisors
•    Spoke to parents and community members
•    Traveled to different parts of Peru to experience the culture of the country
•    Communicated with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and demographics
•    Actively learned basic Spanish through cultural immersion
•    Made strides to communicate with people and overcome a language barrier