Please Point Your Crane Somewhere Else

One resident of a particular old apartment building on historic Willamette Street in Eugene Oregon has had the feeling of being pointed at for some weeks now. Not pointed at by a man, woman or child, but by a giant crane. Yes, a crane. A big ol' scary, might-fall-on-me-any-moment crane. The resident made this video in an attempt to convey his feelings about this situation. The fact is, the crane is not only pointed right at this Eugene resident's apartment building, but right at his apartment. He feels singled out just a bit and would like to let the people in charge of the crane know that he would like them to, "Please point your crane somewhere else!"

Hot Tub

Once there was a man with an iPhone 3 who had the opportunity to House Sit out in the beautiful country side of Pleasanthill, OREGON. After a long weekend of debauchery and playing fetch with the house's 14 year old Chihuahua, the man in the beard decided to take his phone and film himself rambling in the lovely hot tub whilst drinking coffee.

Mother's Day Video

This is a special mother's day video from one son to one mom. It could, upon reflection, be a video from any son to any mom. And, upon further reflection, be a video from any offspring to any parent. Enjoy. 

Mom (Mombly),
I love you so so much. Thank you for bringing me into the world and for doing everything you have done for me. Truly countless and infinite are the things which I am grateful and thankful for. Thank you for all of those things. I hope you enjoy this short film about Mother's Day.

Tyler Twombly

Note: Toward the end you will hear some strangers speak your name. These are friends and acquaintances.